1. For the proper purposes of explaining this Term, the processing of personal data is provided
for as any operation or set of operations carried out with the help of automated processes and
applied to Personal Data, collection, production, reception, classification, use, access ,
reproduction, transmission, distribution, processing, archiving, storage, elimination, evaluation
or control of information, modification, communication, transfer, dissemination or extraction.

2. This term reflects the commitment and responsibility of MOTRICE SOLUÇÕES EM
ENERGIA with the security and privacy of information, documents and personal data collected
from users (holders of personal data) on the website, and which will make up the electronic
database, reaffirmed in the Code of Ethics, Anti-bribery and Compliance Management Policy,
and Personal Data Protection Policies.

3. Personal data, information and documents may also be shared to third-party websites
and links, thus no longer holding the responsibility for compliance with their treatment, thus
recommending the consultation of all rules, norms and policies when targeting users (holders
of personal data), especially when of a sensitive nature and/or children and adolescents.

4. The personal data entered in the contact forms with MOTRICE will be filed and stored in
the email inbox for a period equivalent to the resolution and/or return of a response or incident,
and may also be, according to MOTRICE's understanding, stored for the period of 05 (five) years,
for measures of legal competence – administrative and/or judicial.

5. Contact forms can also use personal data already entered by the user on other websites,
to automatically fill in the information input fields, data that are stored in the user's browser
cache and saved regardless of the website's operational control, to will and choice of the user.

6. Due to the new guidelines introduced by Law No. 13.709/2018, MOTRICE created risk
mitigation mechanisms and procedures aimed at the continuous review and monitoring of its
internal policies, including data privacy, so that, as recommended by the National Data
Protection Agency - ANPD, undertakes to carry out the relevant changes, inclusions and
corrections necessary for the faithful and total adaptation to the Law, especially with regard to
information security regulations and transparency in the processing of personal data, guided by
the principles of good faith, purpose, non-discrimination and accountability.

7. MOTRICE may collect and monitor the movement of users (personal data holders) on its
website, to improve the experience and browsing, and also to guarantee maximum security in
data traffic and its traceability, under the aegis of Compliance and of the General Data
Protection Law.

8. MOTRICE will process the personal data of users/holders to achieve specific purposes
and respecting the principle of legality on privacy and protection of personal data.

9. The mandatory or optional nature of providing your Personal Data will be specified at
the time of collection. If you do not agree with the treatments that require consent, as specified
in the chart above, they will not have consequences for the processing of data necessary for the 
execution of a contract, compliance with legal or regulatory obligations, or for defense in legal

10. It is not required to enter personal user data on Petrobras' site to browse it, therefore,
this is optional. The user expressly decides to provide his personal data by knowing and
accepting the terms of this Privacy Notice.

11. MOTRICE, due to its Brazilian General Law For Data Adequacy and Implementation Plan,
promotes the prevention of risks related to privacy in all its activities, from the beginning, with
effects on all its processes and information systems.

12. MOTRICE makes its best efforts to ensure that the risks inherent in the processing of
personal data and its management are properly mapped, updated and organized to include all
information on the subject in the reports required by current legal regulations.

13. All personal data collected will be incorporated into MOTRICE's database, for the time
necessary to achieve the purpose informed in its collection and resulting legal requirements,
including to protect its rights and/or its users.

14. Access to the information that is gathered is restricted to the personnel authorized for
this purpose. Employees and/or authorized persons who improperly use this information will be
subject to the penalties provided for in our disciplinary process, without excluding other
applicable legal measures. MOTRICE does not release or sell personal data to third parties to
allow the sale of products and services. However, there may be a need for sharing with other
Group companies and/or third party service providers, including for other countries. In these
cases, MOTRICE guarantees that personal data receive a level of protection adequate to the
Brazilian legislation on the subject and that they are used for the purposes indicated at the time
of collection and following the guidelines established in the contractual clause and guarantee of

15. The user guarantees the veracity and accuracy of the personal data they provide on this
website, assuming the corresponding responsibility if they are not accurate. Updating personal
data is the responsibility of the holder. MOTRICE does not assume any responsibility in case of
inaccuracy of the personal data entered by the user on this website, but guarantees its
correction upon request of the holder.

16. In case of questions or comments regarding this Term, or for questions related to the
processing of your personal data, contact the Personal Data Supervisor:
[email protected]