Solutions in EPC regime

Motrice specializes in the planning and implementation of Generation, Cogeneration, Transmission and Distribution of electric power systems, covering wind power plants, photovoltaic power plants, thermoelectric power plants, hydroelectric power plants, as well as extra, high and medium voltage substations and medium voltage networks.

The company caters for investors, distributors, transmission companies, industries, commerce and generators that have the need for energy input.


Thermoelectric Plants

The company designs, makes the projects and builds Power Generation plants from natural fuels and waste from: wood chips, oil, blast furnace gas (GAF), urban waste, natural gas, coal, among others.


Wind Power Plants

The company develops projects and builds the electrical connection of wind turbines to the SIN (National Interconnected System), including networks and substations.


Photovoltaic Power Plants

The company plans designs and builds photovoltaic power plants and its connection to the Interconnected System, including its engineering, management, construction, installation, testing, commissioning and assisted operation.


Hydroelectric Power Plants Plans

The company designs and builds electrical and electromechanical systems of PCH (Small Hydropower Plants) and UHE (Hydroelectric Power Plants).



The company develops Power Cogeneration systems through optimized process solutions with the reuse of energy resources.


Substations and Electrical Systems

The company designs and builds Substation up to a 500 kV level of control and automation systems for the industrial and infrastructure market.